Become faster, more agile and more efficient!

Our experts will help you find ways to make yourself into a better, more confident runner no matter the terrain. Preparing for Goat Pass? Rock hopping can be mentally draining, we will teach you how you change this so your energy is focused on forward power and enjoying the view! We cater for flat running, trail running, uphill, downhill, technical rock and other custom requirements.

This session is generally 1 hour at a park, reserve, riverbed or beach rocks as arranged. Your coach will include:

- Basic theory

- Shoes and accessories inspection

- Basic drills

- Video analysis

- Coach and student running side-by-side

- Debrief

Sessions start from $75 p/h

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make your running easier, less-injury prone, more enjoyable, and FASTER. Develop GOOD habits early. Get rid of the bad ones!

Please get in touch via the contact form below and let us know your running goals.

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