Goat Pass Guiding

Guided Mountain Run with Topsport Kayaking $289 


Get to know Goat Pass with us!


Kathmandu Coast to Coast 2021 Dates out now!


It is essential to know the correct way over this often unmarked technical mountain run, whether you are racing to win, looking for a PB, conserving energy or chasing important cut off times.


Topsport Kayaking offers professional guided trips over the Kathmandu Coast to Coast mountain run stage. Our local guides Sam Manson and Daniel Jones know this route inside and out. Our trips are run in small groups to ensure you get the best experience possible with plenty of interaction with your guide. You will get the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, take notes, photos, and even videos that you can review after your trip if you want to. 


Our guides are well trained to ensure your safety is the top priority. From river crossings to managing a mountain and bush environment and temperamental weather. We carry all the right gear to ensure we are well prepared to look after you. 


We cater for all abilities so don't be shy if you think you might be slow. Same goes if your a speedster, you're in the right place. Our team will help save you valuable time on race day with your route choice. 


To complete this trip it is highly recommended that you have reasonable fitness level to run/power walk 25km and that you have done some training off road trial running and have found a local spot to practice some rock hopping. 



Wednesday 11th November - $229 Early Bird Price until 30th June


Saturday 21st November - Space Available 


Thursday 10th December - Spaces Available 


Saturday 9th January - Spaces Available


Saturday 16th January - Spaces Available


Saturday 6th February - Spaces Available



Cost: $289 - Includes transport to and from Yaldhurst, the edge of Christchurch City (near the airport)


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Topsport thinks that everyone should care for our beautiful environment.

All TopSport trips adhere to the Department of Conservation Care Codes, and we think you should too!