Foward Paddle Technique Sessions with Sam Manson

Get more power and efficiency

Don’t let those precious training hours go to waste. If you want to improve your efficiency and power then a flat water technique session with our coach Sam Manson is just what you need. Sam will help ensure you are engaging all the right muscles at the right time to get that boat gliding through the water. Make sure the effort you put in to each forward stroke is as a powerful and effective as possible. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your paddling easier, less-injury prone, more enjoyable, and above all faster. Develop good habits early and get rid of any bad ones!

This session is generally 1 hour on the Avon or a nice flat piece of water as arranged. A session with Sam will include:

- Basic theory

- Boat, Seat and Paddle setup – -Comfort and optimal power

- Dry-land basic drills

- On the water drills

- Video analysis

- Coach and student paddling side-by-side

- Debrief 

Private sessions start from $75 p/h. Have a group and want to share the cost? No problem!

Contact us today to arrange your session. Give Kate a call or fill out the form below. 

- 021 51 61 75