Grade 2 Certificate

Multisport Grade 2 Certificate Whitewater Course


Preparation for The Kathmandu Coast to Coast$969 NZD


  • All whitewater kayaking equipment is provided
  • No previous experience required 
  • Experienced and qualified instructors 
  • Coast to Coast approved Grade II Provider 
  • Registered and approved Adventure Activity Operator 


The aim of this course is to introduce you to multi-sport kayaking in a safe and simple manner. Topsport Kayaking will teach you all the essential river skills you need to compete successfully in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast. Our instructors will share their river paddling expertise with you as well as useful tips and skills for racing.


Our Christchurch based course runs over a 4-day program. Your course includes an indoor pool session followed by four consecutive days of whitewater kayak instruction. The first two will be in short white water kayaks, with the remaining two days in long multi-sport kayaks. This allows ours instructors to teach you the basics of white water paddling and helps you to learn the core skills you need in whitewater before progressing to your multi-sport boat. 


We will cover the following skills throughout the program:


  • Boat & Paddle setup
  • Gear & Equipment
  • Rolling your kayak
  • Forward Strokes
  • Sweep Strokes
  • Edging
  • Ferry Glides
  • Rapid and Bluff Running
  • Picking Braids
  • Identifying River Features and Hazards
  • Wet-exits
  • Swimming Skills
  • Self Rescues & Throw-bagging
  • Interpreting Weather & River Flow Data

Topsport Kayaking have been training kayakers for the Coast to Coast for over 20 years. Our current crew has raced in over 25 Coast to Coast events from the teams section to Longest Day. This year once again Kate had the fastest overall female kayak split for the event and her team Topsport Kayaking posting the fastest time for the race. In 2019 Sam Manson had an outstanding day to finish runner up in the Longest Day!


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SPRING 2020 Dates - Book Now! 




 Course Seven - Space Left
Day 1   Thursday 26th November 
Day 2 Friday - 27th November 
Day 3 Saturday 28th November 
Day 4 Sunday 29th November 





 Course Nine - SPLIT COURSE
Day 1   Tuesday 8th September 
Day 2 Wednesday 9th September 
Day 3 Wednesday 23rd September 
Day 4 Thursday 24th September 





 Course Three - ONE SPACE LEFT
Day 1   Monday 21st September 
Day 2 Tuesday 22nd September 
Day 3 Wednesday 23d September 
Day 4 Thursday 24th September 





Course Four - BOOKED OUT
Day 1   Thursday 1st October 
Day 2 Friday 2nd October 
Day 3 Saturday 3rd October 
Day 4 Sunday 4th October 





 Course Five - BOOKED OUT
Day 1   Thursday 15th October 
Day 2 Friday 16th October 
Day 3 Saturday 17th October 
Day 4 Sunday 18th October 





 Course Six - BOOKED OUT 
Day 1   Friday 23rd October 
Day 2 Saturday 24th October 
Day 3 Sunday 25th October 
Day 4 Monday 26th October 


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