Boat Hire & Transport

TopSport Kayaking offers hireage or/and transport of kayaks for travelling athletes 


Kayak rental for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast or Rasdex Classic event


Cost - $500

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What it includes:

  • Boat
  • Spray Deck
  • Airbags (2 x 20 Litre)
  • Transport of boat to and from the race 

Boat options:

We have access to a variety of boats from beginners to advanced. The below options are the stock products. Please contact us if you are looking for a more advanced boat and we will do our best to help. 
We can also assist with more gear such as paddles or helmets. These must be hired separately from the above bundle. 


→ Wildabout Shadow

The Shadow is a stable kayak and made of composite material. It is suitable for good novice or intermediate paddlers. It is 5.7 meters long and offers great speed and handling. It is also fitted with an onboard drink system picking up water directly from the river. 


→ Barracuda Beachcomber 

The Beachcomber is slightly more stable than the Shadow and is made of special light weight plastic. This is suitable for novices and anyone you doesn't want to compromise their race with a swim. It turns on a dime and has compartments and deck bungys for access to the all important food and drink.


Please contact us for availability.



 Transport Only?

Each year we have a limited number of spaces to transport other kayaks. Transport is from Christchurch. A Topsport staff member will deliver your boat to Mt White and then collect it from the Gorge Bridge after you have you finished the paddle section


Cost- $150


Please contact us for availability